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Ketosis Breath Smell Like

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You wonder why your relatives will leave more space than you need. You don't know why there are candy mint and floss on your desk? Then you are probably one of the millions who suffer from halitosis. Next you will see some of its possible causes, and some remedies for refreshing
your breath.

One of the main causes of poor oral hygiene is halitosis. Odors that emit from the mouth come from ingested food and the bacteria that are already there. The smell from the mouth is just like any smell from the body, the result of bacterial activity. In the mouth, the bacteria that live here with food particles interact with tissues and blood and give rise to sulfur volatile compounds (bad breath). If you don't maintain a proper oral hygiene, bacteria will multiply. Chewing gum, candy mints and mouthwash will help but will not cure bad breath. The best way to get rid of bad breath is to wash your teeth and use dental floss to clean the tongue. For
fresh breath tongue cleaning is required. If you do this twice a day most of you will not have problems.

Another cause of halitosis can be diseases of the mouth. Gum disease or dry mouth can lead to a massive number of bacteria. Bleeding gums increase the opportunities for development of bacteria, but dry mouth is one of the most frequent reasons for bad breath. Saliva does not allow bacteria to settle in one place and multiply, so that a dry mouth is ideal for development. Excessive heat or use of drugs can cause dry mouth.

The best way to maintain a balance of saliva is to drink plenty of water or other liquids. If you snore or suffer from other respiratory illnesses use a saline nasal spray to keep the mucosa

Another major cause of halitosis are foods with strong flavors. The most dangerous are onions, garlic, alcohol and tobacco. These foods not only cause mouth odor. They are absorbed into the body and reach the bloodstream and thus for the next 3-4 hours you will expire this smells even the lungs. The solution in this case is to avoid eating these foods as possible. Instead you can consume foods that help reduce halitosis. Two cups of tea per day seems to help in some cases, because it contains some chemicals that kill bacteria. Blueberries remove some of odors and prevents bad bacteria to adhere to the mouth. Chewing sugarless gum with xylotol helps kill a part of bacteria and reduce dental plaque.

Another cause of bad breath may be the lack of carbohydrates in the body. In their absence the body burn stored body fat and can lead to a condition called ketosis. Unfortunately ketosis not smell very good and this can lead to halitosis. The solution is quite simple. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Sometimes bad breath can be a sign of more serious diseases. The most common causes are diabetes and systemic gastroesophageal reflux. Other less common conditions that can cause halitosis are diseases of the liver or kidneys because these organs toxins can also be eliminated through the lungs, causing bad breath.

If oral hygiene and excess carbohydrates will not help then you should go to the doctor to see if you have a more serious condition. Diabetes and gastroesophageal reflux disease require professional diagnosis and treatment.

Natural treatment for halitosis with Calivita products

- Digestive tract problems often responsible for breath odor - halitosis- and Acidophilus with Psyllium can be helpful in this problem. Lactobacillus acidophilus is one of the good bacteria
that maintain healthy intestinal flora and restore balance of the digestive tract.

- Vitamin B Complex - Stress Management B Complex - is necessary for the proper functioning of all body processes. Vitamin B4 is required for proper functioning of the digestive and nervous systems, and to maintain integrity for skin and mucous membranes. Plays an important role in combating bad breath (or halitosis) and soothes sore ulcer.

- Chlorophyll extracted from alfalfa helps detoxify the body and acts as an internal deodorant. Liquid Chlorophyll helps remove body odor and eliminates bad breath.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What does ketosis breath smell like?
    I'm on a low carb diet and my breath smells and my mouth tastes sweet, but I thought ketosis was supposed to make your breath smell kind of funky. What's the deal?

    • ANSWER:
      ketosis is often described as a fruity or sweet, however I am a paramedic and those would not be my first words to describe it, and honestly it is hard to describe. The acetone smell is close, it smells like really bad breath, mixed with a little bit of nail polish. It is not uncommon to have this when starting a low carb diet, and also with diabetics who have exceptionally high blood sugar, and if it is diet related it can last approx 10 days, and following an major changes to your diet. I would recommend keeping an eye on it and considering seeing your doctor to make sure you body is functioning properly and that there is nothing to worry about. A number of things can cause this, but if you don't have any underlying medical causes I would consider your diet as the source.
      Hope this helps.

    What can cause someone to think your breath smells like alcohol when you haven't been drinking?
    What factors imitate the smell of ethanol? Ketosis, I think, and diabetes, but what other conditions or medications could give this impression?
    I have heard that mouthwash can register on a breathalyzer, but does it smell like alcohol? How about Xanax?

    • ANSWER:
      Some hard candies can definitely make your breath smell like alcohol.... and fruits.

    4 year old with ketosis?!?!?
    i've posted recently about my 4 yo son having some issues w/ blood sugar. he had a blood test that showed a slightly elevated blood sugar level of 159 about 2 hours after having a cup of oj. his urine test came back saying he was in ketosis and needs further testing. he had a fasting blood sugar check of 92 last week after the 159. the urine test took an extra week to come in b/c they were checking something w/ his amino acids. his ped is sending us to a specialist. he drinks a lot and sometimes urinates more often then normal also the day he had the blood work /urine test done his breath smelled weird sort of like nail polish remover and his urine will sometimes smell like sweet syrup. i have no idea what is going on and i'm nervous. type 1 diabetes does run in my family but i thought it was a fast and sudden diagnoses...could he be at the VERY early stages and his pancreas is still supplying insulin most of the time??? any thoughts wold be appreciated..i hate waiting to hear from the doctors!!

    • ANSWER:
      You have just described absolute textbook diabetes mellitus/Type 1 diabetes/Insulin dependent diabetes.

      1) Blood sugar - elevated, thats impaired glucose tolerance. Your son is producing low levels of insulin. Insulin basically removes glucose from the blood and transports it into body tissues. When there is low insulin, glucose remains in the blood, so resulting in high blood sugar.

      2) Excessive drinking and urinating - there is too much glucose in the blood, because your son has a low insulin level. This glucose is getting filtered to the urine by the kidneys, which doesn't happen in healthy individuals. Water 'follows' glucose because of osmosis, resulting in excessive urination. He's drinking a lot because he is losing a lot of water.

      3) Ketoacidosis - that smell on his breath is acetone, formed (along with other chemicals called ketone bodies which have different smells - one being sweet) when the body produces energy by means other than breaking down sugar, because it's not getting enough sugar due to insulin not removing it from the blood. Nail varnish remover contains acetone, hence why your sons breath smells like it.

      You need to give your doctor a kick up the backside, it's a wonder how he ever got his medical license.. he has failed to provide a primary diagnosis from your son having ketoacidosis, high blood sugar, high thirst and frequent urination, AND a family history of diabetes! It's unimaginable that your doctor is waiting on lab results before starting insulin therapy.

      The ketoacidosis is definitely a concern, it raises the acidity of the blood and can affect other body systems.

      Get on to your doctor ASAP, if needs be, take your son to the hospital. He needs treatment right now, otherwise he will get worse. If you get the medication now, he will be absolutely fine.

      Best of luck, and let me know how you get on.

    when dieting is ketosis dangerous?
    so, i started a new fitness regime. and i work out like 2 hours a day because i'm trying to lose 20 pounds in a month. i know it's a bit extreme, but i have an event coming up. my parents noticed that my breath smelled like acetone, so they checked me and realized that i have a high level of ketones and my body has been going through ketosis.
    is it okay? should i be worried? is it dangerous? i need the weight to come off. do you have any suggestions....

    • ANSWER:

    Am I in a mild state of ketosis?
    I am a 24 year old male who works out 3 days a week with lots of intensity (1 hour static contractions, many compound exercises). I have an office job during the day, but still have energy throughout. Despite this, I do not eat many carbs, maybe 150 grams/day, nor do I crave them. I know this is not considered healthy enough for someone of my age and exercise level, but I also know that 150 grams is not low enough to enter a state of ketosis.

    Or is it? See my problem is I seem to have this awful acetone breath coming from somewhere inside me. My breath doesn't smell to others, but I have this fruity odor that all throughout my body, very much like my urine would smell after going on an Atkins Diet (I did try the diet once a long time ago so I do recognize the smell).

    Is it possible I am in a mild state of ketosis where I am smelling ketones from my lungs??? This is a very gradual thing, the smell takes a while to come on, and a while to disappear.

    Please help it's driving me up the wall not knowing where this acetone breath is coming from!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It IS very possible that your acetone breath is coming from you. Someone who exercises intensively, and has low carb intake may most certainly produce ketones in their blood stream, and consequently in their breath.

      Mild ketosis is fine, but if it does get serious, you may very well be in danger. My advice is to drink LOTS of water, and try not overdoing the Atkins thing. Also, get a check on your blood sugar---Just to rule out if you have diabetes, another condition which results in ketosis.

    Should I Follow this Diet From My ARMY Recruiter?
    Hey Im Joining The Army and my Recruiter told me to do this for 2 weeks, because i need to lose some pounds, i can meet the body/fat requirement but like i said, need to lose the pounds. Is this diet ok for my body? its a very low calorie amount, and start tomorrow, should i add any fruits or nuts, i also drink juice fruits and vegetables and like to drink that, should i continue with my Juices or just stop and follow my diet entirely? Thanks

    ok here it is

    breakfast around 8am
    half can Tuna (small 5 oz can)
    3/4 cup egg white (buy the egg whites that come all ready separated) or you can buy the egg beaters it has the same amount of calories protein carb etc as just egg whites
    1 glass hot green tea (plain do not add anything to the tea

    total calories 150
    protien 31 grams
    carb 3 grams
    fat 1 grams

    lunch- 2pm
    Half can tuna (small 5 oz can)
    1/2 cup egg whites
    1 glass green Tea

    total calories 120
    protein 25
    carb 2
    fat 1

    Dinner no later than 8pm
    same as lunch

    total daily intake

    calories 390
    protein 81 grams
    carb 7 grams
    fat 3 grams

    drink atleast 4 8oz glassed of water in between meals and 1 8 oz glass before bed ( this is the minimum amount of water, drink all you can)

    *cooking the egg whites or egg beaters
    pour the egg whites into a microwavable cup ad microwave for 2 minutes for half cup, and 2.75 min for 3/4 cup the egg whites will rise up after they are done just chop them up with your fork and its done

    Tuna, you can add some pepper or hotsauce, just don't drown it avoid sodium "salt" as it can make you retain water

    what this diet does is it puts your body into KETOSIS, where your body will burn the fat in your body for fuel, because its not getting enough from your food intake.

    It's best to start this when your body has no fuel in it so the day before eat a nicely sensible meal, no later that 8 pm that way when you begin in the morning all of your fuel has already been processed by your body.

    Also, when your on Ketosis some side effects will be a fruity smelling breath, and a slight ammonia body odor. Also most people will be constipated since your body is using everything you feed it not much waste is happening, so think about taking a laxative about every 3rd day

    by doing this, you will easily loose 1-2 lbs a day do not cheat, the first 2 days you may feel a little hungry at time but your body will adapt to it by the 3rd day you prob wont even notice that your hungry as your body will have adapted dont to heavy or extensive exercises, some light cardio (treadmill, exercise bike, swimming) will greatly aid in your weight loss

    Hope this helps you out

    • ANSWER:
      Fructose, the sugar in most fruits (as well as table sugar, honey & corn syrup) is the most lipogenic (fat producing) carb. Fructose creates triglycerides which "trap" fat in fat cells, which does not promote fat loss.

      This is very unhealthy and NOT ketosis - the "ammonia smell" is protein being converted to glucose & since you're not eating enough protein, the balance is your lean tissues being catabolized. You'll lose some fat, but mostly lean tissues & water weight.

      You can get good results from Atkins program without losing lean tissues.

      Low carb will help you gain lean tissue & trim excess fat *if* you don't have a calorie deficit. A low calorie diet will definitely make you lose lean tissues.

      Studies have shown that some people can gain fat stores even on a semi starvation diet of 1000 calories a day - if it's composition is high carb, low fat. So obviously, calories aren't the key to fat loss.

      If you eat protein without sufficient fuel calories from fats or carbs, then you convert dietary protein to fuel leaving no protein for cellular needs, forcing the body to catabolize it's own lean tissues. Carbs may be optional, but fuel calories are not but they can come from fat or carbs, but not protein. There are not enough calories in fruits & vegs to fuel the body. Fructose, the sugar in most fruits is the most lipogenic (fat producing) carb. Fructose creates triglycerides, tryiglycerides "trap" fat in fat cells.

      If you don't keep your calories high enough, the body will strip it's own lean tissue for nutrition. Although that may look great on a scale it will make it MUCH easier to accumulate fat in the future (since all that pesky lean tissue burning up calories will be gone).

      Protein is a very inefficient fuel to use exclusively for long term & the byproducts of the conversion to fuel can be dangerous if they overwhelm the body faster than the body can clear out the nitrogen & ammonia.

      Just for example - Someone asked "what if" about a diet of 500g of pure protein (2000 calories a day)

      500g protein with no fat would be fatal. Fat is essential but protein without fat will cause diarrhea & then death. So this next bit is only hypothetically speaking.

      500g of protein only would turn the protein into a fuel source and not be able to be used for tissue repairs & cellular regeneration. So although you would think 500g of protein would be sufficient for these needs, it would be converted to a very inefficient fuel source with a dangerous buildup of nitrogen & ammonia (byproducts of gluconeogenesis). The body can handle some of these byproducts but not large quantities for long term. So in essence, all this protein would be processed as fuel and the body would STILL have to catabolize it's own lean tissues for a protein source. 100% of the protein would be needed to convert to 58% glucose - it would be equal to fueling the body with 1160 calories of carbs and NO protein (IF your only ingestion was 2000 calories (500g) in pure protein).

      It's confusing to eat SO much protein and have none bioavailable but your body requires FUEL calories (which can come from fat OR carbs or both) AND protein.

      BUT if you ate more than sufficient protein with more than sufficient dietary fat calories AND controlled carbs to less than 9grams per hour (Maximum carbs would be 144grams day or 576 calories) the balance of fuel calories would HAVE to be from dietary fats - at 9 calories per gram.

      As long as you have <9grams carbs per hour, you will maintain insulin control & shouldn't gain weight, no matter the calories because insulin, the fat storage hormone is not activated. Controlling insulin levels will balance out other hormones & allow sex hormones (testosterone in males) & human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so lean tissue will be gained even without exercise.

      I highly recommend adding virgin coconut oil to your diet. All fats can be used for sustained energy, but coconut oil is the (only) fat that can be used for quick energy like a carb.

    Am i fully in ketosis?
    I was 280 begginng of may. i am now 262. Every time i use the ketone strips its like uber dark. Am i still going to lose weight i work out 6 days a week and football practice 4 days a week.
    And my breath is still the same. No fruity smell

    • ANSWER:
      Start off with the basics - under normal conditions, you don't produce ketones. If the strip does change color at all, you're in ketosis.
      If the strip is turning full purple (not just a little pink), you're producing "3+" ketones. You MUST make sure that you're drinking lots of water because this state is dehydrating.
      The fruity breath is ketosis and dehydration together in most cases.
      It sounds like you will still lose weight with the amount of exercise you're doing.

    In cases of severe diabetes, a patient’s tissues cannot break down glucose, and, instead, the body breaks down?
    a.The acetone produced in this process is carried in the blood and urine. Explain why acetone is soluble in these aqueous solutions.

    b. When fats are the main source of energy production, there is an overproduction of ketone bodies, leading to a condition called ketosis. A patient with untreated diabetes may have a blood concentration of acetone of 20 mg/ 100 mL. Convert this concentration to mol/L.

    c. Acetone is volatile and is exhaled with the breath. Suggest a reason why, like untreated diabetic patients, people who are severely starved or dieting may have a smell of acetone on their breath – a diagnostic symptom of ketosis
    d. Other ketone bodies lower blood pH, causing a condition called acidosis, which can lead to coma and death. Research the symptoms and effects of ketosis and acidosis and how these conditions may be avoided.

    • ANSWER:

    confused about this? question about fasting?
    i wanted to fast for a lil but i heard that ketoacidosis can occure if u fast. so if a person fasts for three days ur body panics and breaks down fats and protiens? from where? muscles? body fat? is this really unhealthy?

    wikipedia definition:
    Ketoacidosis is a type of metabolic acidosis which is caused by high concentrations of ketone bodies, formed by the deamination of amino acids, and the breakdown of fatty acids. This is most common in untreated type 1 diabetes mellitus, when the liver breaks down fat and proteins in response to a perceived need for respiratory substrate. It can also occur with people undergoing hunger strikes, fasting over 3 days, or people starving to death as the body is forced to break down fat for sustenance due to their lack of outside nutrition.

    Ketoacidosis can be smelled on a person's breath. It is often described as smelling like fruit or paint thinner

    Ketoacidosis should not be confused with ketosis

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it's extremely unhealthy to starve yourself.

      Besides which, it doesn't help with the dieting at all, because if you do go through periods of starving your body, it will simply store more fat when you ARE eating in order to get through these periods of "famine".

      Your muscles will be the first to go, because muscle tissue needs a steady influx of nutrients to maintain itself. Then stores of fat will be used. Basically, your body starts cannibalising itself.
      In any case, it is a very unhealthy, and in the long term inefficient, way to lose weight.
      Not to mention, prolonged fasting can lead to all kinds of secondary health problems, some of which could eventually become life-threatening.

      You'd do much better switching to only eating fruits and vegetables if you are that desperate to lose weight.

      It's about as okay to go hungry for a long time as it is to consume a ton more calories than you strictly need. The only healthy way to attain your ideal weight is the golden rule that applies to everything: moderation.

    if i fast for more than three days will this happen to me?
    Ketoacidosis is a type of metabolic acidosis which is caused by high concentrations of ketone bodies, formed by the deamination of amino acids, and the breakdown of fatty acids. This is most common in untreated type 1 diabetes mellitus, when the liver breaks down fat and proteins in response to a perceived need for respiratory substrate. It can also occur with people undergoing hunger strikes, fasting over 3 days, or people starving to death as the body is forced to break down fat for sustenance due to their lack of outside nutrition.

    Ketoacidosis can be smelled on a person's breath. It is often described as smelling like fruit or paint thinner

    Ketoacidosis should not be confused with ketosis

    • ANSWER:
      It can also occur with people undergoing hunger strikes, fasting over 3 days, or people starving to death as the body is forced to break down fat for sustenance due to their lack of outside nutrition. of coure it can happen to u!!!!

    What can cause someone to think your breath smells like alcohol when you haven't been drinking?
    What factors imitate the smell of ethanol? Ketosis, I think, and diabetes, but what other conditions or medications could give this impression?

    • ANSWER:

ketosis breath smell like

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